Sokon/SF Motors Executive Suite

Santa Clara, CA

Based in Chongqing, Sokon is one of China’s largest auto manufacturers. AAI recently completed the design of Sokon’s three-story 80,000-SF US headquarters.  The building interiors respond to each type of work group within Sokon.  The first and second floors hold engineering, sales and training teams. Their spaces use bright primary colors, flexible furnishings and bold, sculptural forms.  The third floor is dedicated to executive use and is home to the general administration team.  This space has a more formal and traditional tone, mirroring the company’s executive culture.  Natural walnut wood furniture and cool neutral tones establish a sense of stability and permanence.  Tables, desks and leather seating are sleek and contemporary classics.  Walnut millwork and wood plank ceilings and floors bring a richly textured, refined aesthetic to third floor spaces,  which include a board room, negotiation room, executive dining room, break-out areas, catering kitchen and executive offices.  The entire building has sit-stand work surfaces, even in the executive suite and in the office of the Chairman.