1221 City Center

Oakland, CA

“1221 City Center”, was formerly known as “The Clorox Building” for 35 years. The acquisition of this property presented the owner with the challenge of transforming a single user property into a multi-tenant building. The goal for the lobby renovation was to create a contemporary design that would remain timeless. The lobby is busy, not only with tenants and their visitors but with passengers using the Bart Station below. One of our challenges was to renovate an escalator prominently situated in the center of the lobby. Another challenge was to bring some contrast and warmth into a lobby covered with travertine.

To meet that challenge, the floor was replaced with a warm pattern of marble and limestone and the escalator stone railing was replaced with a glass and stainless steel railing. Back lit wood panels were incorporated on the travertine walls to warm the cold feel of the lobby along with contemporary pendant light fixtures. The exterior was enhanced with portals and new signage that prominently identify the building entry.



1221 City Center before renovation: